Why do you think they attack Trump so?


Tens of millions of Americans sent Donald Trump to the White House in one of the biggest repudiations of the established political class in American history. In response, instead of reflecting on why so many Americans were so fed up with them, the establishment decided to frame Trump as the root cause of all the nastiness and hostility aimed their way. According to them, one man was corrupting America with hate, greed, and Russian propaganda.

That thinking has culminated in years of establishment attempts to remove Trump from power and later to bar him from ever holding office again.

  • First, there was discussion of ousting him using the Twenty-Fifth Amendment.
  • Then came the attempt to tie him to Russian intelligence.
  • Next, they tried to impeach him twice.
  • Finally [next], they charged him with felonies.
  • Now some states are attempting to remove him from the 2024 ballot for a crime he hasn’t even been charged with.

The establishment is unwilling to admit that they are the reason Trump was elected. But, ironically, by attempting to disqualify him from participating in the election, they undermine the illusion of democracy – their main source of legitimacy in the eyes of many Americans.<1>

Yes, folks.  This is what we call “our democracy.”  Our devotion to popular sovereignty is the envy of the world.  When Nancy Pelosi referred to the U.S. Congress as “the temple of our democracy” it brought tears to my eyes.

<1>The Establishment Is Unmasking Itself.”  By Connor O’Keefe, ZeroHedge, 1/11/24 (emphasis removed, bullets added).

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