The patriarchy, homophobia, ‘scrimination, and structural racism are nobody’s enemy.


Guess what is.

From Elizabeth Nickson:

The difference between me and friends, cousins and children no longer speaking to me is that I think the left is evil. By which I mean, malignant, without the best interests of the ordinary man and woman at heart and filled with hate for normal, the good, the sane. I think they have deliberately maxed out the administrative state imprisoning every enterprise in a set of contradictory regulations. They have invited and paid for the invasion by the South into Europe and the US. They have deliberately destroyed the economies of the South via the same policies that are destroying our world. They have befuddled the middle class with false claims that alternative energy would work if the oil companies would just fold their tents and walk away.<1>

Ms. Nickson is a most perceptive writer and I highly recommend her Substack site Welcome to Absurdistan.  What she says above is a basic truth about the left.  They are wildly destructive and they inevitably preside over a political and cultural race to the bottom.  They are vicious as ten minutes of study of Attorney General Garland’s persecution of the January 6 “insurrectionists” and Pres. Trump will prove to you.  You can see the same viciousness in the hideous proxy war in Ukraine that our political class prosecute with such joy and abandon.  Solzhenitsyn wrote the book on the ghastly crimes and stupidities of the Soviets.  The record of the Chinese, North Korean, and Cambodian communists is equally appalling. 

Lesson # 1: governments are the mass murderers of these our end times and leftists want you to enjoy unlimited government.

Yet this grisly record of tyranny, murder, and enthusiastic embrace of economically destructive (i.e., socialist) policies never dulls the leftist desire to grovel at the feet of arrogant state power.  Like the iconic statue of the bull on Wall Street the future statue of leftist stupidity should be of a cringing man with his hat in one hand and his other hand outstretched for some bread crumb from some arrogant government functionary with the intelligence of a chihuahua.  That is what the left wants and that is exactly where we’re about to go.  Does “you’ll own nothing and be happy” ring a bell?  That’s the New American Dream.  Not what you want for yourself but it’s what the globalist, population reductionist, vaccine demons, and climate change fanatics want for you.  Bet on it.

Even despite Kommander Klingon Schwab’s vision for our future, “our democracy” here in the U.S. has degraded to the same state where we have ten tons of empty agencies and rubber-stamp courts plus an elegant structure of political, legal, academic, and journalistic [nonsense] that exceeds even the magnificence of one of Nancy Pelosi’s Brazillian Blowouts.  All something we did by our very own selves.

So the left in America is delighted to destroy the grandest experiment in self-government ever seen, replace the founding population with third-world invaders seeking free food and housing, and toy with irreversible tyranny like a kid poking a tiger through a three-foot wooden fence.

People knew exactly what Dr. Phil was driving at when he asked someone, “How’s that working out for you?”  But the same cautionary question about the abandonment of our liberties falls on deaf ears.  “Surely you’re not asking me to read a book, man.  Or show the least skepticism about fourth-rate ideas or moronic “commentators” on TV!”

Well, we’ll see soon enough, especially if the corrupt MSM keep up the drumbeat of wildly dishonest propaganda and our next presidential election is stolen like the last one.  Next stop Leftist Hell, comrades.  It CAN happen here and we’re just going to damn well LOVE it.   

<1> “Our Enemies Walk Among Us.  Managed decline, societal chaos are deliberate creations of the most incompetent and wicked leadership class since Soviet Russia.” By Elizabeth Nickson,, 1/8/24.

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  1. This division was created on purpose to divide us, it has taken its toll on our family too, I am the only one researching, while everyone else is rolling there eyeballs and laughing at Crazy momma, but it was that fake, Sovereign citizen movement, that ruined it for the truthers, that were telling the truth.

  2. I don’t know what it takes to wake people up. The generational divide is serious. My contemporaries all tell of how difficult it is to talk politics with their kids. The crimes of totalitarian regimes in the last century forever put me in the liberty, rule of law, limited government camp. The attention of every person on the planet ought to be riveted on those hideous events but it is not so. People think the crimes of National Socialist Germany are the greatest of all crimes yet the Soviets and Chinese killed far more people.

    I think man is by nature always focused on the here and now so last year is ancient history. I hope this woke business wakes people up. Lord knows it’s astonishingly intrusive. When you mess with people’s children, their guns, their automobiles, and basic economic, monetary and fiscal sanity they way the political class does I think it’s impossible for people to NOT wake up to the very different threat we’re facing.

    It was once said of the Soviets that they knew no one believed their endless lies but they told them to humiliate people by forcing them to submit to them. It’s not hard to see woke nonsense being used the same way. It’s so absurd it’s pitiful but it’s as much as your job is worth in some areas to object publicly.

    I don’t know much about the sovereign citizen fools. I did have direct contact with one of them and it was . . . interesting. They seem like a real fringe population to me and their ideas are just incoherent. They think they can say the words “common law” and the waves will part. They’re like the lightweights who like to say the United States government is a corporation because . . . well, because “admiralty law.” Now you understand, right? :–)

    One of the weapons of the political class is to suppress all manner of information and then call people who try to make sense of what crumbs of information they do have “conspiracy theorists.” But just because someone tries to draw inferences from inferences from limited — but true — information does mean they think “it” is explainable as a conspiracy. A wife might get a lot of mileage out of lipstick she finds on her husband’s collar but just because her data set is limited doesn’t mean she can’t do anything meaningful with it. Conversely, one can marvel at the perverse failure of huge numbers of politicians to safeguard the nation and our liberties and wonder if that phenomenon is explicable by the possible use of blackmail against them. It’s a thought but a sensible person can voice it but it doesn’t mean he or she is all in with that theory. Juuuussst something to keep in mind.

    There’s a great Yiddish expression. “Send a fool to close the window and he’ll close them all over town.” It perfectly describes people who get an idea in their heads and push it to ridiculous lengths. Flat earthers, sovereign citizens, Never Trumpers, and the like are like that. The people who say Trump’s claims of election fraud are baseless at seemingly in the same camp but they are not stupid. They know darn well there was a huge amount of fraud but they choose to lie through their teeth and deny it. Guess I’ll stop here.