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*** I have no idea why this weird flag is here . . . .]

Democrats reject 1 percent cut in spending.

     The deliberate destruction of our nation continues.

Total US Debt is now $33.649 trillion, up $58 billion in one day and up $604 billion in one month… up $20 billion every day, up $833 million every hour.  At this rate US debt will be $41 trillion in one year.  (Alternative link.)

     The US doesn’t have a reputation for wise fiscal management for nothing.  During one year of the Reagan administration the total annual deficit was $58 billion.  Now we rack up that much in a DAY.  

The Rockefellers have been funding Hamas and other terrorists…

     Makes sense.  Why WOULDN’T a hugely-influential, filthy-rich American family fund them. 

10. Million. New. Illegals.

     Because America is everybody’s piñata.

ACLU is now fighting tooth and nail for tranny and/or black hookers who KNOWINGLY spread HIV…

     History will judge us by how we treated our hookers. 

Biden creates new special program to bring hundreds of thousands of Ecuadorans to USA.

     Taking patriotism to another level.  Did Brandon run out of women and girls to grope?

IT BEGINS: Jamaal Bowman and Other Leftists Already Calling on U.S. to Take in Palestinian Refugees From Gaza

     Because there isn’t a foreigner on the planet who shouldn’t have a home in the U.S.  We’re everyone’s punching bag, and that’s a nice way to say it.

San Francisco offers ‘guaranteed income’ to transgenders.

     Who says we don’t like royalty here in America?

Education Shock: 200 Maryland Public Schools Have <5% Students Proficient In Math.

     If only ‘scrimination hadn’t blighted their prospects.

Biden and Jenny Granholm introduce rule to ban gas furnaces…

     That vaccine ramps up your inner moron it seems.  Assuming they didn’t just get a plain saline solution.

Biden Orders Border Patrol To Cut Barbed Wire Fences Holding Back Masses Of Migrants

OUTRAGEOUS! 95-Year-Old Veteran Becomes Homeless After NYC Nursing Home Room Given to Illegal Alien (VIDEO)

     This is right up there with that Border Patrolman cutting the barbed wire that Texas Governor Abbott had placed on the border and standing there while illegals walk into our country.  I thought it was our country, anyway.

Michelle Obama to earn $714,000 for one hour speech on DEI…

     “Earn” is probably not the right word here. 

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Accuses Parents Protesting Grooming of Manifesting ‘Hate’

     Grooming is a top priority for Canada.  “Grooming” being a euphemism for sexual exploitation.

Zelensky asks Satanist Marina Abramovic to be Ukrainian Ambassador

     Don’t miss the disgusting picture. And isn’t Zelensky the president of the amazing democracy we’re throwing money at in central Europe?

Education Secretary Cardona: Parents Concerned About Education Are “Misbehaving in Public and Acting Like They Know What’s Right for Kids”

     But this guy knows what’s right for your children.  The arrogance of these people is stunning.  Approved by the Senate however.  There’s that.

Globalist Pope Francis Absurdly Claims EU Is NOT Facing a Mass Immigration Emergency

     Anything fewer than 10 million “migrants” per day is definitely not an emergency.

Former NZ PM Ardern Urges United Nations To ‘Crack Down On Free Speech As A Weapon Of War’

     The world is just a better place with Comrade Jacinda in it.

Theresa May — Immigration has been good for Britain…

     So is a lobotomy under certain circumstances.

Germany: Migrants Skirt Local Polygamy Laws, Import Second Wives

     The “laws are optional” school of thought.

National debt increases $1 million every 15 seconds…

     Imperial overstretch doen’t come cheap.

Fully nude restaurant opens in LA…

     This bares investigating.

Federal judge strikes down Arkansas ban on gender-affirming health care for transgender youth.

     Affirming mental illness 24/7.  Courtesy of our federal courts.

Biden cancels Alaskan oil leases approved by Congress

     Because reasons?

Senate Republicans Going Along With Democrats’ Spending Wish List Are Playing Right Into Biden’s Hands

     Because Republicans are spineless.

Federal Deficit set to double this year to $2 Trillion…

     Ain’t no thang.

‘Interest payment on national debt is now the largest federal expenditure’…

     The iron laws of arithmetic hard at work here.  Consequences coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Chicago Teachers’ Union President, Hater Of Private Schools And School Choice, Reportedly Sends Child To Private School      Hypocrisy you can’t cut with a jack hammer.

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  1. What Does The Gold Fringe Flag Symbolize?
    Are you aware, that the flag hanging in the courtroom is a gold fringe flag? Have you ever noticed it and wondered what is symbolizes? Have you ever asked, why is this flag different than the one we were taught to praise, love, and be loyal to? We never questioned it.

    What does the gold fringe flag mean?

    The gold fringe flag is historically used during times of war in maritime admiralty law(which we are in right now as well). So in other words, the gold fringe flag symbolizes maritime law.

    The gold fringe flag is not the same flag that is approved for our Constitutional Republic in USA code Title 4 Ch 1 & Ch 2. The fourth color (yellow) is not approved in the code. You’ll notice the tassles hanging from the flag. These are also symbolic of admiralty law, which is the law of the sea.

    So, the flags that are hanging in our government buildings and court rooms are actually representative of war-time in the law of the sea/admiralty law?? Yes. We are in fact, functioning in maritime admiralty law, and our court system is actually upholding a corporation that goes by the name of UNITED STATES. In other words, we are not in a republic, and we are not dealing with the constitutional United States of America. Well, actually, the UNITED STATES does have a constitution but it is not the same as the original Constitution that was drafted for the republic. This is why the gold fringed flag controversy is such a big deal, because it symbolizes war.

    So, now it is up to us to figure out how to navigate our way through the law of the sea, in order to find our remedies. The possibilities for this are endless. But it basically boils down to either mastering the current system and learning how to navigate your way through it, without incurring personal liability for anything. Or, separating yourself completely from the system, and moving yourself back to common law. In other words, you can go as far as expatriating yourself from the UNITED STATES so that you no longer belong to that corporation. Therefore, their rules would no longer apply to you. Cool, huh?

    It is important to continue studying about the laws and codes that are applied within our system.

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    1. Sher, I’m always interested in this argument about maritime law. I know there is such a thing as maritime law. These are specific federal statutes that address maritime matters according to ChatGPT:

      The Jones Act (Merchant Marine Act of 1920): This law regulates maritime commerce in U.S. waters and provides certain protections and benefits to seamen injured in the course of their employment.

      The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA): This statute provides workers’ compensation benefits to maritime workers, including longshoremen, harbor workers, and other employees engaged in maritime-related activities.

      The Admiralty Extension Act: This act extends admiralty jurisdiction to include cases of injury or damage that occur on navigable waters, as well as maritime contracts and transactions.

      The Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (COGSA): This law governs the rights, liabilities, and responsibilities of carriers and shippers in international maritime cargo transportation.

      The Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA): This act provides a cause of action for wrongful death caused by negligence or unseaworthiness that occurs beyond a specific maritime zone (usually three nautical miles from the U.S. coastline).

      The Limitation of Liability Act: This law allows vessel owners to limit their liability for certain maritime incidents to the value of the vessel and its cargo.

      The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA): This act addresses the exploration, development, and production of natural resources on the outer continental shelf and establishes the jurisdiction and regulatory framework for offshore activities.

      None of these apply to matters on dry land, loosely speaking. Do you know of a specific constitutional or another statutory maritime-related provision that applies to us here? Also, do you know which law or laws direct the gold-fringed flag to be displayed in public offices during time of war?

      The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution says the Constitution, laws made pursuant to it, and treaties are the supreme law of the land. Do you know of a provision of maritime law that is above even the Constitution?

  2. According to the American Nationals, what we thought we actually were, this is our real flag, but we spent our lives pledging our allegiance to a battle flag.