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Regarding Christine Anderson, Alterative für Deutschland (AfD) member of the German parliament:

She [Anderson] argued that anyone not aligning with the current globalist agenda is labeled as “far right.”  Using an example the protests in Berlin against COVID restrictions, she highlighted how individuals, originally left-leaning, were falsely branded as right-wing extremists by media outlets, going so far as to say, We’re not far right, just right so far.<1>

Amen to that.  The whole issue of what is “right-wing” is one of the mysteries of the age.  Basically, anything leftists don’t like is labeled as right-wing.  QED. Been there, done that.  Goodnight, Mrs. Kalabash.  Case closed.  That the loathsome radical left of the last century managed to murder over 100 million people is never mentioned. 

Anyway, this woman is amazing: perceptive and intelligent, plus she speaks flawless English.

Some of the women in the West are amazing for their willingness to press the envelope and get out in front on basic issues.  I think of Laura Loomer, MTG, Katie Hopkins, Ann Coulter, Heather Mac Donald, Kari Lake, Emerald Robinson, Candace Owens, Michelle Malkin, Whitney Webb, Eva Vlaardingerbroek (31:02 . . . 49:05 . . .),<2> Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Syrian Girl, Marine LePen, Tina Peters, Bronx Tina, Catherine Engelbrecht, and Libs of Tik Tok, among others.  Jacinda Ardern (loathsome tyrant), not so much.

I might have a certain innate bias on this issue but who knows what it might be?

These amazing women decidedly do not need to be “empowered” by anyone.  Said empowerment going like this:  “There, there, Honey.  You’re paralyzed by fear and indecision, have no guts or independence, and are hindered by the heteronormative patriarchy.  You can’t do jack by yourself it’s clear, but we’re here to help you get over being the pathetic cipher that you are.”

<1> EU Governance Is “Anti-Democratic”: European Lawmaker.”  By Savannah Hulsey Pointer and Jan Jekielek, ZeroHedge, 12/30/23.
<2> Note Ms. Vlaardingerbroek’s brilliant observation (49:49) how, in the debate with globalists, “we are being manipulated with arguments related to the Second World War.”  She has her finger precisely on the holy verities of political debate that stem from those arguments, to wit, nationalism bad, patriarchal structures bad, conservatism bad, Christianity bad, and white people bad.  Just a given.  On to earnest consideration of net zero, alternative energy, multiculturalism, and men competing against women in cage fighting.   The things that matter.

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