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Link to analysis of AG Hill’s opinion on ballot secrecy.

Here’s a link where you can download a PDF version of my analysis of AG Hill’s opinion on ballot secrecy:

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Let them eat cake.

Indeed, good government in history has rarely been the norm. Power often benefits from suffering. As Americans we are not used to thinking this way

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Call for a Special Session

By Wednesday, March 27, 2024, more than 35 percent of our state’s legislators had requested a Special Session to override several vetoes that Governor Gordon

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Great God, Our King

A century before “The Star Spangled Banner became our National anthem, America sang a different tune. The song was, “America,” written by seminarian, Samuel Francis

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Secretary of State Town Hall

On Thursday, January 11, 2024, Chuck Gray, Wyoming’s Secretary of State came to the Strand Theater to talk to the people of Uinta County. The

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Why do you think they attack Trump so?

Yes, folks.  This is what we call “our democracy.”  Our devotion to popular sovereignty is the envy of the world.  When Nancy Pelosi referred to

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Why are we being invaded and why does the United States government encourage it?

Today in 2024, you’re seeing America being changed from a sovereign country to a permanent travel destination for the world’s refugees.  Instead of fixing their

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The patriarchy, homophobia, ‘scrimination, and structural racism are nobody’s enemy.

Guess what is. From Elizabeth Nickson: The difference between me and friends, cousins and children no longer speaking to me is that I think the

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Stuff that drives you crazy

*** I have no idea why this weird flag is here . . . .] Democrats reject 1 percent cut in spending.      The deliberate

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Pearls of expression.

Regarding Christine Anderson, Alterative für Deutschland (AfD) member of the German parliament: She [Anderson] argued that anyone not aligning with the current globalist agenda is

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Criminal economic mismanagement and assorted Trumpian observations.

[Ronald Reagan’s knew that recessions were a healthy correction to too many reckless economic decisions.]  Not Donald Trump, however. Even before the egregious fiscal insanity

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We are a small group of like minded, liberty seeking individuals who value our freedoms more than government mandates.

We wish to educate, inform and protect the constitution in this great land called the United States of America.

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